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For security reasons please note the following rules and regulations

It is forbidden to bring the following items to the campus:

  • Luggage and handtrollies
  • Sleeping bags and sleeping mats
  • Boxes and bulky luggage
  • Rucksacks/backpacks
  • Flagpoles and flags
  • perfumes and deodorants (pressure containers and glas)
  • glas bottles (PET up to 0,7 l. is allowed. baby bottles allowed)
  • animals
  • metal cutlery (plastic allowed)
  • professional camera equipment (foto and video) only with press-accreditation
  • cutting and stabbing weapons as well as guns and irritant gas.
  • any kind of explosives

Questions about accommodations


Do groups have to register especially for shared accommodation?

If as a group you want to stay at the same shared accommodation, all tickets need to be bought in one single ordering process.

Is it possible to use shared accommodations as a couple?

Men and women will stay in separated dormitories. In a shared accommodation (f.e. a gymhall) one side will be for men, the other for women.

Where do I find the shared accommodations?

Locations and all further informations about accommodations will be released by fall. In most cases the accommodations can be reached by foot or public transport.

Is the ticket for shared accommodations valid for all the days of the conference.

Yes, the ticket for shared accommodations covers all nights of the MEHR 2018.

What exactly are shared accommodations?

shared accommodations are simple places to sleep at like gyms or church rooms etc. you must bring your own sleeping bag and mat. Showers are available.

Does the Gebetshaus offer accommodations?

You will have to organize your own accommodations. As mentioned, the Gebetshaus will provide for shared accommodations. You can buy tickets for these along with your booking for the conference tickets online.

Will there be breakfast at the quarters?

Some quarters will offer breakfast. You can always buy food and beverages at the convention centre. Personal water kettles are NOT allowed.

When do the quarters close at night?

Quarters will be locked at 00:30 am. Please be on time by all means.

Questions about Tickets


Are the tickets personalized?

No the tickets are not personalized. The name on the ticket is that of the buyer and has no relevance at the check-in. You can pass on your ticket before the MEHR 2018.

Are tickets available for single days?

You can buy day tickets as of December 1st. Tickets for the evenings are only available at the box-office. Unfortunately reservations can not be made for tickets. Tickets are available while stock lasts.

Does the ticket cover catering and/ or accommodations?

The ticket is only valid for participating the MEHR 2018. You will have to take care of catering and accommodations for yourself. You may always bring food and beverages to the MEHR and consume them there. It is also possible to purchase food and beverages on the grounds of the exhibition centre. The variety of foods will be extended in 2018, so you will have a wide range of choices.

Are family tickets available?

No, there are no family tickets. But the tickets for children are low-priced, so that families can participate.

Can I purchase a ticket on site?

Ticket will be sold on site, if available (not sold out)

Can tickets be cancelled or returned?

We’re sorry but it will not be possible to cancel or return ticket. Tickets for MEHR 2018 are not personalized and can thus be passed on to third parties. We ask your sympathy, that we cannot make any exception to this rule, due to the size of the event.

Can I buy tickets directly at the Gebetshaus?

You can buy tickets at the Gebetshaus if the infodesk in the foyer is manned.



What will the childrens ministry at MEHR look like?

The childrens ministry at MEHR will contain exciting worship, profound inputs, small groups, creative workshops, funny games and extended times of communion with Jesus for children from 3 to 12 years of age. Eight weeks before the MEHR we will send a seperate E-Mail to the parents, in which we will ask you about the personal data of your child(ren). This information will help us to assign your child to a fitting small group, as well as enableing us to take care of special needs (such as allergies etc.)

Will there be a place to retreat for mamas with babies and toddlers?

Yes, we will have a babyroom with toys for toddlers. You can also breastfeed here. The main-programme of the conference will be streamed into this room as well. Please note that parents are on duty to watch over their children themselves.

Are baby strollers allowed?

For emergency exit reasons there are no baby strollers allowed in the MEHRauditorium. There will be a parking spot for baby strollers in the foyer. However, baby strollers are allowed at MEHRspace!

Who will take care of my child?

We have 80 people on staff for the childrens ministry. All of them either have a vocational training in childcare or are on staff in the childrens ministries of befriended churches. In order to ensure the children’s security, every staff member in the childrens ministry must bring a certificate of good conduct acc. to §72a SGB.

Further Questions


Where do I find the latest updates on MEHR

The latest news will be found on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/gebetshaus.augsburg

Coming by car, which routes are there?

Travelling informations are available at: http://www.messeaugsburg.de/anreise-aufenthalt/anreise/auto/

Where do I park at MEHR 2018?

There are 1.200 parking spaces directly at the exhibition centre (Südparkplatz) and further 1.200 parking spots across the street at the Friedrich-Ebert-Straße. You can find several Park and Ride parking lots from which you can take public transport to the event location at: https://www.sw-augsburg.de/fahrgaeste/park_and_ride.php 

Coming by public transport, how do I get to MEHR 2018?

You can find a short overview about the possibilities of PT here:

Here’s an overview of bus- and tram stops in Augsburg:

Coming by train, you reach the exhibition centre via Augsburg Mainstation, then proceeding to stop „Augsburg Messe“ – Exhibitioncentre.

Which foods will be offered?

For lunch and dinner several caterers will offer warm and cold meals at the MEHRplaza. The Gebetshaus-Café will move to the conference grounds for the MEHR 2018 and will be at the MEHRforum. There you can buy coffee, pastry, snacks and soft drinks. The café will be open from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Will there be medical care at MEHR?

Medical care will be provided by a professional medical service.

Is it safe at MEHR?

There is no reason to assume that MEHR is especially endangered by attacks o.o. Still we are working together with a professional security firm on the grounds of a safety concept. The campus will be watched over by security-staff around the clock. We are also in close contact with the local public authorities. In case an acute security-breach should arise, we will inform you immediately and take necessary action.

Will there be a Gebetshaus-Shop at MEHR?

We will have a big space, where all products of Gebetshaus can be purchased. After the conference you can buy the whole event as CD, MP3 or eventually on DVD.

Is the Gebetshaus open during MEHR?

The Gebetshaus is open during MEHR 24/7. You can participate in prayertimes in the prayer room or visit the grounds. The Café is closed for the time of MEHR.

Is it possible to sponsor the MEHR?

You can become a sponsor of MEHR 2018. For further information please contact the conference coordination at: mehr@gebetshaus.org.

Can I help working at MEHR?

Yes! If interested, please send an E-Mail to: mitarbeit@gebetshaus.org .

Can I get flyers for MEHR to advertise?

Yes you can order flyers in German at our online shop: https://shop.gebetshaus.org. We would love for you to invite your friends at church and in your workplace to MEHR.

Will there be translation devices?

Yes, you can rent a translation device for a fee.

Into which languages will the lectures be translated?

The lectures in the MEHRauditorium will be translated into English and several Eastern-European languages. The programme at MEHRspace on Friday and Saturday afternoons will only be translated into English.

Will there be an opportunity for confession and benedictional prayer?

Yes, at certain times there will be confession and short benedictional prayers.

Which church-services will be held at MEHR?

There will be two catholic masses with the Holy Eucharist and one protestant service with the Lord’s supper.

Will there be a venue for christian ministries or projects to present themselves at MEHR?

You can book a booth at MEHRforum, to exhibit your work. We will offer different booth sizes. If interested please contact Franziska Weiblen (mehrforum@gebetshaus.org or phone +49(0)821 / 507 489 212 )

Can I follow MEHR 2018 from at home?

Through our website we offer a webstream of the whole event. In addition you can listen to some of the lectures on Radio Horeb and BibelTV in German.

Who can I turn to with further questions?

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at: mehr@gebetshaus.org or phone our hotline at +49 (0) 821/65 041 785. We’ll be happy to serve you.