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The press-office of MEHR-Conference is happy to serve the media. Here we provide you with press releases, fotomaterial for your editorial use, contact-data of the press-office, the rules and regulations for press-accreditation for MEHR-Conference and over all informations about the event. You can also sign up for our press-mailing list here.

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Pressemeldung Gebetshaus Augsburg vom 06.07. 2017 zur MEHR-Konferenz 2018



Stefan M. Dobner
PR officer
Gebetshaus e.V.
Pilsener Str. 6
86199 Augsburg
Tel. +49 (0) 821 / 507 489 – 171

Marieke Greie
Assistant PR officer
Gebetshaus e.V.
Pilsener Str. 6
86199 Augsburg
Tel. +49 (0) 821 / 507 489 – 172



If you are working on the journalistic field and wish to receive all press releases about and around the MEHR Conference and the Gebetshaus Augsburg, please sign up for our press-mailinglist. We will update you automatically via E-Mail.

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Rules for press-accreditation


We as Gebetshaus Augsburg are happy about your interest and would like to give journalists and photographers an easy access to all informations about the MEHR-Conference via an accreditation. The accreditation is only given for use of journalistic reports or works in studies which will have to be proven.

You will receive a press-accreditation if you:

  1. own a valid press-ID of a German or foreign press-union
  2. own a valid press ID of a German or foreign expert-journalist-press-union with specification for churches and churchlike organizations
  3. are a person, German or foreign, that can prove their journalistic work (also photographers) as following:
    • A written editorial mandate mentioning the MEHR-Conference. Same is valid for interns or cub-reporters accompanying an editor at MEHR Conference.
    • showing an imprint in original mentioning you as author, editor or editorial staff.
    • showing a document, stating that you are commissioned to work for a public service, an institution or a charitable organization, or showing that you are the press-officer of a union.

Where necessary the journalistic work will be verified by the press-office of Gebetshaus Augsburg, even though you have shown a press-ID. There is no right to be accredited. The host of the MEHR-Conference also, always has the right to use their domestic authority.

Businesscards or invitations of staff of the MEHR-Conference to press or other meetings, as well as house-ID’s of broadcasters, editorial departments, or companies can not be accepted as accreditation verification.

Please contact the press-office in good time before the start of the event.